Tue May 23 2017 16:58:11 UTC
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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1135 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- Transactions with effective dates not recognised 2015-09-10
1136 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- Quick entry sometimes fails to detect proper position for insert 2015-09-10
1169 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- Syntax highlighting in ledger-mode messed-up when default-tab-width is set to 4 or less 2016-05-28
1170 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- Commodities containing a dot do not indent 2016-06-06
1172 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- ledger-reports commands don't respect ledger-binary-path 2016-07-13
1174 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- Allow ledger-reconcile to use real accounts 2016-08-02
1175 Ledger lisp enderw88 UNCO --- ledger-post-align-xact does not correctly align lines with balance assignments or expression amounts 2016-08-02
251 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- C-c C-c should be magical in ledger-mode 2016-01-22
261 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Make TAB more magical in ledger-mode 2016-01-22
263 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Redesign ledger.el 2016-01-22
502 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Auto-complete of accounts ignores included files 2016-01-22
545 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Create a quick entry function for Ledger to reduce keystrokes 2016-01-22
888 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Make all key bindings in ledger mode easily configurable 2016-01-22
1041 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- Keyboard shortcut moving from ledger transaction to closest transaction in *reconcile* buffer 2014-12-30
1068 Ledger lisp enderw88 CONF --- ledger-sort-region and ledger-sort-buffer should actually parse dates 2015-05-20
288 Ledger lisp johnw CONF --- Integrate Org-mode with Ledger 2016-01-22
1107 Ledger lisp thdox IN_P --- Hit 's' in reconcile buffer makes two windows with same reconcile buffer content 2015-04-25
17 bugs found.


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