Wed Jul 26 2017 18:35:51 UTC
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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
717 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Error: Cannot convert a balance with multiple commodities to an amount 2016-01-22
723 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- -S t doesn't sort timelog entries correctly 2016-01-22
763 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Error: Cannot convert a balance with multiple commodities to an amount 2016-01-22
983 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- automated transactions happen after balance assertion logic 2016-08-23
995 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Segfault with `--group-by commodity` and `-V` 2016-11-12
1024 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Should there be a way to suppress the creation of lot prices? 2016-11-13
1029 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- ledger doesn't complain that sums don't match up 2014-12-30
1031 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- @@ creates {x} rather than {{x}} lot price 2014-12-30
1167 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Balance verification not working when only transaction (supposedly) resets balance to zero 2016-05-12
1217 Ledger math johnw UNCO --- Should warn if commodity pricedb defines itself; -V doesn't work Fri 09:49
992 Ledger math tripun CONF --- ledger needs support for rounding 2015-01-26
809 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Default values format and C-c C-a 2016-11-01
1035 Ledger math surryhill+ledger CONF --- Segfault in ledger::interval_posts::flush --budget --monthly and no budget 2015-01-15
201 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Handling currencies that were replaced by the Euro 2016-01-22
273 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Add complete calculation history in Ledger 2016-01-22
320 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Implement move constructors for amount_t, balance_t and value_t 2016-01-22
381 Ledger math johnw CONF --- ledger bal and --forecast gives wrong result (60 * of monthly value) 2016-01-22
382 Ledger math johnw CONF --- treats {xx} as {=xx} 2016-01-22
413 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Have a look at Boost.TimeSeries 2016-01-22
583 Ledger math johnw CONF --- --monthly prices report SUM rather than average or end of month price 2016-01-22
714 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Support for re-write rules (aka ledger "views", allows keeping separate books) 2016-01-22
781 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Setting precision on the command line 2016-01-22
965 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Bug with -G and "adding sequences of different lengths" 2016-01-22
1033 Ledger math johnw CONF --- print loses important information about lot prices 2015-07-31
1042 Ledger math johnw CONF --- Allow reg and bal on tag: tag should become the account name 2014-12-30
1082 Ledger math johnw CONF --- A change in precision used on an amount in-stream affects the balancing precision of following transactions 2015-01-26
26 bugs found.


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