Tue May 23 2017 16:58:17 UTC
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
813 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Use Boost.Exception instead of custom error contexts 2016-01-22
814 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Use Boost.Flyweight to manage recurring objects 2016-01-22
815 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Use numeric_cast<> to guard against overflow casts 2016-01-22
816 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Use regex_token_iterator with -1 instead of strtok/Tokenizer 2016-01-22
848 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Rewrite reporting code to use report_* variants of journal objects 2016-01-22
1110 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- the convert command incorrectly handles the cost field 2015-02-16
1137 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Balance assignment not changing amount fails and gives absurd error message 2017-03-22
1140 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Balance Assignment fails when account value is already equal to assignment. 2015-11-02
1158 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- Automatic transaction on null-amount posting with multiple commodities 3 2016-03-01
1164 Ledger util johnw UNCO --- aliases won't work in cli 2016-05-01
1096 Ledger util surryhill+ledger CONF --- Generate command does not generate transactions 2015-01-15
174 Ledger util johnw CONF --- Make path to getquote script configurable using an option 2016-01-22
462 Ledger util johnw CONF --- Default currency/commodity not respected 2014-12-30
1081 Ledger util johnw CONF --- Assertion Error when Running `cleared` Report on Example Journal File 2015-03-13
1111 Ledger util johnw CONF --- segmentation fault when automated transaction affects an "Unknown" account 2016-08-07
15 bugs found.


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